The Easy Raw Meat Diet for Pets from Sojos
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The Easy Raw Meat Diet for Pets from Sojos


In recent years pet owners have come to distrust commercial pet foods. While commercial pet foods meet basic nutritional standards, the standards as set in the United States by the AAFCO are often consider to be poor and allow for some ingredients that have been linked to behavior problems, skin problems, and even cancer. The dry diets have also been linked to causing bladder problems. As such many pet owners, and dog owners in particular, have started feeding their dogs a raw, all meat, diet.

Maggie and Ward Johnson were among the dog owners who were learning more and more about natural, all meat, and raw, diets, and when Sojos Pet food was being developed they soon wanted to be a part of it, eventually buying the company in 1996. 

Today, many dog and cat owners, are giving their pets a more natural diet, thanks to

Bad Ingredients in Most Pet Foods

There are many ingredients used in the pet foods that owners commonly see on store shelves that are either cheap filler, or have been linked to causing health problems in pets. You will note that Sojos Pet food does not use any of these.

Preservatives. While Vitamin E is a safer preservative, most pet foods use BHT, or BHA, as preservatives, both of which have been linked to health problems and are suspected of causing cancer in pets. Ethoxyquin is a chemical pesticide used to preserve by-products, it has been linked to causing health problems in pets. Sojos pet foods contain no preservatives at all.

By-Products. As mentioned they are preserved with Ethoxyquin, but additionally what they are is part of the concern. By-products can be any non-meat item; beaks, feet, diseased organs, cancerous tumors. Sojos does not use any by-products in their food. In fact you will note that they use human grade ingredients, if something is not suitable for humans to eat, it will not be in their dog food.

Color Dyes. Cats and dogs are colorblind to red, but some companies use red to dye their pet food to make it look appealing to the pet's owners. Yellow dye also serves no real purpose other than to get a sale. Both have been linked to behavior problems, such as hyper activity, in humans, and pets.

Corn Gluten Meal. Corn is not so much a “bad” ingredient, as it is a useless one. It is a cheap filler, and corn gluten meal is even worse than corn, as it is harder to digest. Sojos does not use any cheap fillers in their foods.

The Raw Pet Food Diet from

Because of many of these above ingredients, and other reasons, many pet owners started cooking for their own pets. Not everyone has the time to learn about pet nutrition, or time to prepare a proper diet for their pet, so Sojos makes that easier for these owners. They make many different types of food, from ones where the owner just adds water, to ones where the owner adds water and meat.

For example in Sojos Complete dog food, an owner just soaks the freeze dried food overnight and it is ready to go in the morning. With Sojos Original dog food mix, the owner soaks the prepared base and adds their own meat and fresh vegetables, to make their dog's meal.

If you are a concerned pet owner who wants to provide a more natural diet for your cat or dog, you will be impressed by what Sojourner Farms offers in the way of Sojos Pet food.

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